Song of the




To all who pass this way

I will sing my welcome song

But only some folk stay

Be their journey short or long.


The ears upon the edge

Were the only ones who harkened

To my otherworldly pledge

As the days around them darkened


Ho and come inside

You are welcome all...


Wayfarer & Witch,

Jester & Jezebel,

Renegade & Wretch,

Urchin & Untouchable,

Hermit & Hellhound,

Rascal & Rapscallion,

Freak & Fremd,

Scoundrel & Slubberdegullion,

Outlaw & Oddity,

Vagabond & Villain,

Juggler & Gypsy,

Mage & Mooncalf,

Sage & Simpleton,

Madman & Musician,

Imp & Imbecile,

Fire-eater & Fool,

Lunatic & Loner,

Mummer & Monster,

Devil & Drab,

Knave & Necromancer,

Peddler & Poet

Beggar & Bedlamite,

Tomfool & Trickster

Dreamer & Delinquent,

Stranger & Seer,

Dreg & Deviant,

Oaf & Outcast,

Crackpot & Crone,


I will build you

a home here...